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July 2021

Matches South Poland Stadiums

Gornik Zabrze v Zaglebie Sosnowiec

Date: 29 April 2019 / League: Polish top flight Final Score: 4-0 / Attendance: 11,549 In A Nutshell A Silesian derby contested by two historic sides with passionate fan bases. With both clubs capable of pulling good followings, this…

Matches South Poland Stadiums

GKS Katowice v Elana Torun

Date: 12 October 2019 / League: Polish third tier Final Score: 2-0 / Attendance: 3,600 In A Nutshell Geographically distant to each other (4-hrs by car), that such a strong hatred exists between GKS Katowice and Elana Torun does…

Central Poland Matches Stadiums

Kosa Konstancin v KS Glinianka

Date: 12 September 2020 / League: Polish eighth tier Your Primer Konstancin is a small satellite settlement outside Warsaw, and I’d imagine the most affluent place in Poland: in lavish palaces dating from the age of Chopin, it’s in…

Central Poland Matches Stadiums

KKS Kalisz v Gornik Konin

Date: 4 May 2019 / League: Polish fourth tier Final Score: 2-0 / Attendance: 1,500 Background Bits It’s a lazy generalization, but in essence these are two underachieving regional rivals whose Wikipedia pages talk much of financial mismanagement, turbulent…

Matches South Poland Stadiums

Tarnovia Tarnow v Okocimska Brzeska

Date: 21 September 2019 / League: Polish fifth tier Final Score: 2-0 / Attendance: approx. 300 Background Bits Founded in 1909, Tarnovia are one of the elder statesmen of Polish football. But despite their history and age, success has…