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Zaglebie Sosnowiec v Wisla Krakow

Date: 28 October 2022 / League: Polish 2nd tier Final Score: 1-2 / Attendance: 4,950 In A Nutshell With their new stadium completed and simply waiting on safety certification, most were billing this as the last league game Zaglebie…

Matches South Poland Stadiums

Kabel Krakow v Bronowianka Krakow

Date: 18 September 2022 / League: Polish 7th tier Final Score: 0-1 / Attendance: 30ish In A Nutshell Lower league football as it should be: beers with strangers in a knackered old ground that only the wise seem to…

Matches South Poland Stadiums

Tramwaj Krakow v Iskra Krzecin

Date: 17 September 2022 / League: Polish 7th tier (or maybe ever lower…) Final Score: 0-2 / Attendance: 30ish plus a cpl of tramps peering through the fence In A Nutshell Desperate and occasionally frenzied football slogged out inside…

Matches South Poland Stadiums

Wisloka Debica v Unia Tarnow

Date: 21 May 2022 / League: Polish fifth tier Final Score: 1-1 / Attendance: 800 In A Nutshell A rusting, classic ground dishes up an intense atmosphere befitting of a fixture not seen on this field for some twenty…

Matches South Poland Stadiums

Miedz Legnica v Chrobry Glogow

Date: 30 April 2022 / League: Polish 2nd tier Final Score: 1-0 / Attendance: 4,146 In A Nutshell Over-zealous policing kills off a potentially interesting derby… Getting There From the UK, the easiest way to Legnica involves a flight…