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East Poland Matches Stadiums

Chelmianka Chelm v Stal Stalowa Wola

Date: 25 March 2023 / League: Polish 5th tier Final Score: 0-2 / Attendance: approx. 500 Experience To a large degree, I must admit I’m guilty of misrepresenting Polish football – the nation’s football scene is wild and often…

East Poland Matches Stadiums

KS Lublinianka v Lutnia Piszczac

Date: 7 August 2021 / League: Polish fifth tier Final Score: 3-0 / Attendance: approx. 300 In A Nutshell Largely forgotten by the Lublin public, this friendly club plies its football inside a historic stadium that today resembles, more…

East Poland Matches Stadiums

Hetman Zamosc v Chelmianka Chelm

Date: 13 June 2019 / League: Lubelski Regional Cup Final Final Score: 2-3 / Attendance: 999 Preamble A district cup final contested between two local rivals inside a tumbledown ruin. Background Poland has a law classifying anything with an…

East Poland Matches Stadiums

Motor Lublin v Garbarnia Krakow

Date: 1 April 2017 / League: Polish tier 4Final Score: 2-0 / Attendance: 3,050 Preamble For me, this is where it all really began – my love affair with Polish football started here at this very match! Why? See:…

East Poland Epic Away Ends

Polonia Przemysl

More’s the pity, on the day I visited the visiting team’s fans had been banned from travelling, therefore meaning that the away stand had been generously given over to some local blokes eating sandwiches. But what an enclosure this…

East Poland Unknown Gems

Polonia Przemysl

As a stadium nerd, this is precisely the kind of place that I love to uncover. Entered under a sign written in a groovy 70s-style script, the ground presents a motherlode of curiosities, inconsistencies, contrasts and treasures – all…