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Proch Pionki

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Proch Pionki v KS Warka

Date: 18 September 2021 / League: Polish 6th tier Final Score: 1-1 / Attendance: at a guess, 100, maybe a few more In A Nutshell Lower league drudgery served up inside a ground blessed with an assortment of unexpected…

Central Poland Epic Away Ends

Proch Pionki

Not content with a Neo Baroque thing going on outside, there is little that is normal about Proch Pionki’s ground – and damn right, the away end doesn’t disappoint. Looking like a cross between a Burger King abattoir and…

Central Poland Unknown Gems

Proch Pionki

Aside from an away end that has been previously compared (by me!) to a cross between a Burger King abattoir and an outdoor punishment facility, Proch Pionki’s stadium is a brilliantly imbalanced collection of weirdness: a Neo Baroque façade,…